Share your bad stock art

We know you have it. Anyone who searches for imagery has come across some nonsense that made you laugh and then cry. So share it with us! We’ll post the good stuff, for sure.

And please let us know if you’d like a shout-out to promote your blog or Twitter or web site. We love promoting our fans – but we understand some of you might want to remain anonymous on our scandalous site.

Share your bad stock art with

NOTE: please don’t share photos from – unless that is, you’ve paid for the license and are willing to give it to us. They gave us the old cease and desist email, which scared us deeply. We know, we know, we lost some classics there. We might buck up and pay for some of the funnier ones.

DOUBLE NOTE: So, after years of legal terror from reps at stock agencies, we’re too petrified to post anything we don’t own rights to. This ruins your life and ours equally, but mostly yours. So, we love the submissions but the lame truth is, we really can’t post them unless you own the rights. And, since this is a great recession and this is just a stupid blog, we don’t expect anyone to put up cash for laughs. Unless you want to. Thanks.

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