Searched for: diversity

My favorite stock photography site claims this is a mixed-race father and daughter. This may well be true, in which case, bless you and your diverse genetic beauty. But, could you put some shirts on and stop having face sex with the camera? Thanks.

Creepy Dad

Creepy smile for Daddy. Gross.

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5 Responses to “Searched for: diversity”

  1. deanna Says:

    i’m sorry but he’s definitely wearing green contacts (and possibly a toupee?). i super zoomed in on his eyes. this is pretty bad :)

  2. dr Faust Says:

    he looks like an all american quarterback type guy that’s been in the sun too long. No one looks like that!

    And the kid looks like he should be on the Aphex Twin, Window Licker film clip

  3. Sho Says:

    That is not his real hair.

  4. Bry Says:

    Baby Seth Green?

  5. Windsprite Says:

    Ugh. Honestly? This man is looking like a model

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