Searched for: business owner (reader submitted)

Technically, the photography isn’t bad – they did a pretty good job with the whole miniature set thing. Her giant head and tiny legs just creeps me the hell out. Also creepy: photographers making children cry for their shot.

Creepy baby midget business

Don't cry kid... you only have to work until you're dead.

Thanks to Elyse M. for this creepy little worker bee.

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4 Responses to “Searched for: business owner (reader submitted)”

  1. photostocker Says:

    I love this! Great concept and execution :)

  2. badstockart Says:

    Hey thanks! We like to think we’re on a crusade to make stock photos better. ;)

  3. susan Says:

    That looks like a doll to me.

  4. David Kramer Says:

    Well, the child will have to work until he/she is dead, but if he/she has any children, they will have to work until they are dead. Born into indentured servitude.

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