Woman Eating Alone with Salad

Okay, I see how it is. Due to a recent and inexplicable explosion of a stock photography meme about women eating salad – I’ve come to realize you damn people want your stupid stock photography in a nice little list. Oh, the whole damn blogging world just loves their stupid blogger lists. You think I can’t make lists?? Oh, I’ll make a list all over your stupid face!!!

Delicious 90s salad

Delicious 90s salad - I get jiggy with salad!

Big bangs at the Art Institute

Learn to draw huge bangs in precision detail at the Art Insitute of Chicago

Sandra Bernhard enjoying a 90s salad

I'm surprised Sandra Bernhard let someone draw her with her clothes on

Salad mouth

Stick it in your salad hole.

Pregnant lady eating salad

Better stay on that diet, fatty fat fat.

Pregnant Gut

Stare at it!!! It's beautiful!!!!!!!!

Oh, you want another list? You want another one? Here you go.

Pregnant Women Eating Salad

Pregnant freak in public

Hahaha my baby loves apples! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAH!!!

Pregnant slut

Oh yeah... you wanna watch while I impregnate myself with greens?

Woman blows salad

Gotta blow on this salad, it's too hot!

Woman touches self while eating

When I eat a apple I touch myself.

Apple violence

Oh yeah bitch? Watch me eat MY apple - grrrrrr

You want more, tough guy? Well by all means, coming right up….

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