Searched for: businessman

“Think about the world. No, YOU think about the world. WE OWN IT!!!!!!! Hahahaaaaa!!!!”

I think this would be a great image for a caption contest. If anyone is reading this blog, feel free to post your own hilarious caption for this image. The winner will receive self-actualization and laughs produced dirt cheap by our 3rd world labor team.

Envision our synergy... take my hand... globalize!!!

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2 Responses to “Searched for: businessman”

  1. James Faust Says:

    for masters of world domination they have really settled for rubbish chairs. Thrones or neat piles up third world children would be much more apt.

  2. rottenart Says:

    The guy on the left seems like he thinks he’s getting a bad deal even in the fantasy…

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